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Fun Games for ages 1 - 3

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Simon Says.
Choose one player to be "Simon." He or she must call out "Simon says (jump, hop, turn around, or any other action)," and demonstrate the action that the rest of the players must copy. The players should follow the command only if the action is preceded by the phrase "Simon says." If Simon makes a command without saying "Simon says", the group should ignore it. For example, Simon could say, "Jump up and down", and anyone who mimics that action goes out of the game. Simon might also trick the players by saying commands fast.
Party Games
Pass the Parcel
For this toddler party game, you will need to buy two or three little (toys) presents and wrap them up a good number of times. Also have music on hand. Then seat the kids in a circle and have them pass around the presents while the music is playing. When the music stops have that child rip open the present as much as he/she can before the music goes back on. Keep it going around the circle till the present is opened. Whoever opens the present all the way gets that prize. You can even have two presents going around at the same time.
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