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Fun Games for ages 9 - 12

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Do the Opposite ! Game
Have a list of things for the players to do e.g. walk, run, sit down, hop on left foot, wave your right hand, quiet, noisy, stand still, jump up and down, scream, dance etc. The game is to do the exact opposite to what you are saying. Gradually remove all those players who get it wrong, The last player remaining is the winner.
Spoon Race
Each player must run a certain distance, holding a spoon with a big potato on. The players run in turn. If the potato falls down, the player must put it in the spoon again and continue to run. To run without a potato in the spoon means to break the rules. The player who covered the distance in the shortest time is the winner. Instead of a potato you can try a lemon or a soft ball.
 Fun Potato Sack Race game for kids
Sack Race
With the potato sack race, kids can compete in teams of two or three. Each player, or the first player on each team, is given an old pillow case which he steps into and holds up. On a count of three each player hops to the opposite line and back to tag their partner who then completes his/her leg of the race. Once the final member of the team completes their segment, the race is over. The first player, or team, to do this wins.
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