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Fun Games for ages 9 - 12

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Two Bodies on Three Legs.
Each team delegates 2 players to take part in this competition. Two players of each team stand hand in hand. Their adjacent ankles are tied together. At the leader's command they run to the agreed place and return back. The fastest pair wins this competition.

Party Games - Beach Games
Tug of War Rope Game.
Divide children into two equal teams and place the teams on either end of the rope, one in front of the other. Be sure to make the teams even in numbers and equal strength. Tie a rag in the middle of the rope. The rag will be over a center line on the ground. Create a line on the ground in front of each team. On the word “Go!” both teams are to pull on the rope until one team forces the other team to cross their line. The team who pulled the other across the line will win the game.
Feed a Friend.
The players stand with their backs to each other. They hold fishing-rods in their hands. To the strings of the fishing-rods there attached the unwrapped bars of chocolate. The players' task is to eat the bar from the other player's fishing-rod as soon as possible.
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