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Fun Games for ages 9 - 12

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Who Is It?.
Everyone takes a sheet of paper and at the top of it draws the head either of a men, an animal or a bird. Then the sheet must be folded so as the drawn head can't be seen, except a little part of the neck. Then this drawing is passed to the player next to. Now every player has a new sheet with the picture he/she hasn't seen yet. He/she continues drawing. Now everyone draws the body then folds the paper and again passes it to the player next to. At last must be drawn the low extremeties. And now unfold the picture and let you be surprised at seeing a creature you've got!
Kids Games
Ask Your Neighbour.
All the players get into a circle, the leader is in the center. He/she comes to any of the players and asks the question (c.f. "What is your name?", "Where do you live?" etc.) But the questions must be answered by the neighbour on the left of the asked person. If answers the asked person, he/she must give a forfeit (a piece of clothes, watches etc.) to the leader. When the game finishes the forfeits are raffled. To get their forfeits back the players must fulfill any of the tasks.
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