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Birthday Party Date and Time

The first thing you need to decide on is a date and time when you will celebrate your child birthday. Most people want to have their birthday party on a weekend afternoon. This is a good time for a party, but many times it interferes with other activities such as soccer games, family outings, other birthday parties, etc. Also, the best entertainers usually fill their weekend schedules first. If you want to have the party on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, plan as far in advance as you can.
Saturday mornings are becoming more popular because that time interferes with fewer activities, and when the party is over, the rest of the day is free.
Weekday parties, however, are not only a great way to break up the week, but also leave your weekends free for other activities.
If you are planning the first birthday party, the best time is just after nap time so your child will be awake and happy. If this isn't possible then try and have the party as early in the day as you can.
Plan a few dates that you would like to have the party. Check your child's activity schedule to be sure it doesn't interfere with the party. Also make sure most of your child's friends can make it to the party. Call the entertainer you want at the party and check their schedule and decide on a date and time.
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