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Birthday Party Decorations

To truly make your birthday party theme work, you will need creative and not necessarily expensive decorations. Streamers and balloons are good because kids like them and indoor activities with balloons tend to be easy on your furniture. Depending on your theme, you can always pick up paper, cardboard posters and props at your local party supplies store.

Food and Cake

If the party is scheduled during or close to lunch or dinner, serving food is essential. During a party the children are usually having so much fun with each other that serving a "normal" meal is not only unnecessary, but also unneeded. The children want to get back to the party activities as soon as possible; so all finger foods are fine. Pizza, sandwiches and chips are usually perfect.
Don’t forget about Birthday Cake. You can have a cake decorated according the party theme, or a traditional cake just using the theme colors. You can have cake and ice cream or an ice cream cake. This is an area where your creativity can really come out.
Also remember to check with ALL parents regarding food allergies.
Birthday Cake
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