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Birthday Party Entertainment

You can't be in two places at once. In birthday party terms, you can't play musical chairs, cut the cake, and direct traffic to the bathroom at the same time.
Professional entertainers can really make a kids party fun and exciting. I left entertainment for last, but if you decide to hire entertainment for your party, do that first! The best entertainers are booked far in advance, so if you send out the invitations and then call the entertainers, you may not be able to get them on the date and time you need.
The one way to find a quality entertainer is to ask around. Talk to friends, other parents, your child's school or childcare center, etc. If your child comes home from a party raving about how funny the performer was, find out who it was. Ask your child if they want that performer to come to their birthday party.
Hokey Pokey has a friendly toddler clowns, princess, pirates and much more. Please visit "Our Parties" page to see more details.
Even if you have an entertainer coming you still will almost always need to plan at least one game or activity for the party. A great activity for kids is coloring pages with crayons (download free coloring sheets). Don't deluge the kids with activities, but make sure there is enough for them to do so they aren't just running around the house.
REMEMBER - This is a day to celebrate the birth of your child. Keep the party simple so you can do just that. Plan some special quiet time at the end of the day just for Mom, Dad, and a child.
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