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Birthday Party Theme

You don't need a theme, but it will often help make planning easier. If your daughter's favorite things at the moment are Fairies, theme the party around them. If your son's passion is Pirates, you have your theme. Also speak to your child and see what his interests are.
As far as themes go, don't worry that absolutely everything at the party must fit the theme. A few decorations are fine, a cake is great, but there is no need to stress-out because you can't find an entertainer that does a Star Wars show to fit your theme. Remember that a party should be fun for everyone, including the planner.
This is a place where your theme should begin. Princess invitations will let everyone know the theme before they even get to the party. It is also a subtle suggestion of gift ideas for those who don't have any idea what to get. Make sure you get the invitations out a minimum of three weeks before the party to give parents time to plan.

Hokey Pokey offers a variety of the Theme Birthday Parties

Clown Party * Pirate Party * Princess Party * Toddler Party * Christmas Party * Magic Party

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